Ten Reasons To Attach The Patch
Convenience – This is obvious. Stick it and forget it… for at least 3-4 days.
Simple storage – No refrigeration required. It’s no longer necessary to buy two bottles of drops, one for the office and one for home. Your HCG patch is always attached.
No transportation necessary – It’s stuck to you, so unless you’ll be out of town for greater than a weekend trip, no worries.
Trans dermal delivery – They’re dosed appropriately for “no-worry” delivery. No more worrying about mixing HCG injection solution. No more frustration and worry about oral absorption of HCG drops. Just stick it and forget it.
Pain free – Nobody likes sticking themselves with a needle. NOBODY. Why do that?
Multi-Vitamin all in one – Check the ingredient list .
No prescription required – This is a homeopathic HCG solution. No costly doctor visits or high dollar prescription cost.
Cost – They’re much cheaper than a prescription HCG product.
Extended expiration time – The patches are good for years.
Can be used in conjunction with the other pacthes and weight loss pills if doing HCG diet, keto, etc.
INGREDIENTS:HCG, Purified water, Organic Grain Alcohol, Turmeric, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Carnitine, Calcera Carbonica, Focus Ves, Amino Acid Complex, Spongia tosta, Iodine, Bromide, Hypothalamus pituitary Thyroid, 72 minerals from Humic Shale.

Instructions: You may do the loading phase the first week. Day 1 Apply 2 patches, Day 4 Apply 2 new patches.
Then the second week start with 1 patch with each change on every 4th day.

12 patches in the package and will allow for 30 days of use.