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Welcome to Secret Illusionz Weight loss Supplements!
It can be overwhelming to see so many products online and have no idea what to get or what will work! We are here to guide you through it all! Here are the basic questions we are asked:)

🚨🚨Please read this before emailing or inboxing us about shipping please. 🚨🚨

❌We get a lot of orders, please read this before emailing us, where is my order or when will you ship this out❌
⭐️How long does shipping take?
⭐️ Before the order ships. It takes FOUR BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING!
⭐️Weekends do NOT count.
🚨 PLEASE UNDERSTAND If we do get an overwhelming amount of orders,
There may be a chance your order may be a day or two delayed. But you will always get an email when it ships.
🚨 Please do NOT order if you can’t wait.
We do offer faster shipping if you can not wait the regular time.
❌Mexi can take up to 7 days to receive
This is also stated under the product before you buy.
⭐️ So if you place a order on Friday Saturday or Sunday the first processing day does not begin until MONDAY.
⭐️After processing it will ship.
⭐️You will get a email that your order has shipped.
⭐️ You will receive a tracking number to track on
⭐️Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking to appear on the Usps website.
⭐️USA orders usually take 2-3 days to receive after the processing time unless it's back order.
⭐️B12 orders can take up to 8 days due to needles. But sometimes it comes in sooner :) ⭐️H C G takes 4 business days or sooner to ship :)
⭐️International packages can take 10-12 days
🛑Please do not email or text us about tracking numbers or ask if your order has been shipped.
✅We do get a lot of orders.
✅So no worries! Again Once your order has processed tracking is automatically emailed to you when your order ships, and you then can track your order at USPS.COM for exact delivery date.
⭐️We do offer faster USA shipping under the insurance package.
🛑 But again it does process before it ships. ✅We always recommend that you purchase insurance on your package OR signature confirmation Incase it is lost!
✅As long as your package does not say delivered USPS can open up a claim for you.
🚨We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages that are not insured through usps
🛑 Please keep in mind Holiday seasons it can take longer, not because of us but because of holidays.
✅You WILL receive a email with tracking when it’s done processing.
There is options for faster shipping if you can not wait. It’s under insurance options.
Please be patient we can not control holiday mail.

⭐️Do you have a return policy?
ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Our terms and conditions are as follows
we do not refund any order. If you made a mistake and entered the wrong Shipping address please contact us right away to get it corrected
If it has already shipped you must contact to get a hold on your package.
If there is a problem with your order and we made a mistake, you will be asked to send it back. And we will refund you for the original shipping cost.
We do NOT accept opened products. IF you did not order a product please do not open it. We will gladly accept the products back and fix the order as long as the products are not open. If you have opened the products we can not refund you for open merchandise. We can not re sell open products. So if you notice you have the wrong product contact us right away and do not open :)
If you cancel your order we do charge $15 re stock fee. Or PayPal will charge the 1% fee.

⭐️Which Products to get?
For first time users, we recommend starting on 30+ Or Majestic and a light detox. Light detoxes would be one or two week iaso tea.
This can be taken with any product

⭐️Side effects?
The only side effect you will get is dry mouth.
This will enable you to drink a lot of water.
Which is great for weight loss!
While taking these pills, you will need to drink half your body weight in OZ. Headaches are never a side effect.
If you get headaches with any diet supplement, its your body telling you that you're dehydrated. Drink enough water through out the day!

⭐️Can I take these while breastfeeding?
No supplement is safe to take while breastfeeding. Please wait until you are done breastfeeding. If you are on any kind of medication, please speak to your doctor first before trying any products.

⭐️How much weight can I lose?
Weight loss depends on the individual.
Everyone loses differently. If you do not skip pills and drink enough water and watch your portions, you will be able to lose weight.
Customers have lost anywhere from 15-36 pounds on their first or second bottle. Again everyone loses differently. You may lose more or less. Detoxing also helps you lose more weight!
It gets rid of all the bad toxins that prevent us from losing weight!

⭐️Do I have to diet?
No you do not need to diet. BUT it does help your results.
Cutting off starches,Caffeine sugar drinks, fast food, and alcohol,
Will DEFINITELY help you lose!!

⭐️Do I have to exercise?
You do not need to exercise, but again this isn't a magic pill.
You will need to do your part too.
Exercising will help you lose more weight.

⭐️What are discount codes for ?
I love to reward my customers, and for before and after photos you will receive a great discount code :)
Sign up for email updates and also receive a free shipping code :)

⭐️ What if im unsatisfied with the product?
Again everyone loses differently! If one product isn’t working for you please contact us so we can find a different product that might be a better fit. Please keep in mind that detoxing is a very important part of your weight loss journey. And is highly recommended to detox before and after starting any product! This will give your body a head start and a fair start of Losing weight.
Toxins in your body is what keeps you from losing weight.
NO diet pill you will ever take will ever make you gain weight. It’s not possible. It’s your body’s toxins. That’s why it’s important to detox. We do not accept products back just because you are unsatisfied. We do not offer a money back guarantee,

⭐️What if I need to cancel my order because I don't want it anymore
Again our Terms and conditions, we do not accept cancellations on packages. All sales are final. Please do not buy if you do not want the products. You are free to sell it to someone else but we do not accept cancellations. This is also protected with the website and 3rd party payment processor.
Thank you!