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365 and Detox combo!


  • Image of 365 and Detox combo!
  • Image of 365 and Detox combo!

Best combo!
365 to shake the weight off,
And the detox to use for 3 days straight before starting the 365 :)
Please keep in mind a random flavor will be sent
Mango apple. Plum peach or orange Spice
More than likely Mango Apple


🥘 suppresses hunger
🌪 Accelerates your metabolism
🏃🏽‍♀️Gives you energy
💥Appetite Control
💦 Increases libido
🌪 Accelerates Metabolism
✅Regulates Digestion
🚮Removes Toxins from the skin
⤵️Reduces inflammation
↙️ Removes fat through urine
🔽Reduce fat deposits and cellulite.
🐷 Gets rid of stored fat
🍶Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins

✅The Do list ✅

✅Drink lots of water
✅Take ONE pill EARLY in the morning.
If you work the night shift, you would just take the 365 when you wake up to start your day.
✅Take your pill EVERYDAY
✅Eat small snacks throughout the day.

Take ONE pill early in the morning with 8oz of water. The earlier the better!!!! Anything after 10am
DO NOT TAKE it late, you will stay up all night if you’re taking the pill late! Drink lots of water!!!
The more water you drink the more weight you will lose! ONE cheat day a week is ok! But not everyday!

❌The DONT’S❌

Doing that will just confuse your body,
And you will NOT lose weight.
❌AVOID caffeine.
Caffeine will make you jittery,
As well as make your heart jump.
Just please avoid caffeine.
❌365 will cut your appetite but that doesn’t mean not eat. Make sure you eat small snacks.
❌Avoid Alcohol!!!
Alcohol has a lot of sugars and unwanted calories. Avoid it!
❌ Fast food. Do i really need to say why to avoid fast food? Lol

🚨 Please remember🚨
365 is NOT a miracle pill,
And it can only do so much.
So it’s up to YOU To do your part as well.
Drinking your water, taking the pill everyday, making smart food choices. Etc

✅ I do encourage you to have ONE cheat day a week. Doing this will help get any temptations out. And help you not fall off the wagon :)

⭐️ TIPS ⭐️
In order for this pill to work correctly,
please make sure you are drinking enough water.
You should be drinking half your body weight in OZ

You can always google water charts as well :)
Put flavor in your water if you don’t like plain water.
My Favorite is crystal light liquid

We have so much toxins in our bodies
That prevent us from losing weight.
Energybolizer detox goes with 365
And works wonders !
I would do a 1200 calorie diet .
Low calorie high protein diet


Place one tea bag in an 8oz of HOT water
At NIGHT! When I say detox I mean a REAL detox!
Not a cheap detox from Walmart, or detoxes that aren’t even detoxes! I mean a REAL DETOX tea like this! Please remember most store bought detoxes have hidden sugars. Which is horrible for your bladder! And can cause UTI’s

🚨 TIPS If you are starting the detox for the first time with pills. Or if you’re just starting a new bottle or finishing off your bottle of diet pills
Detox for THREE days with JUST the detox.
NO PILLS. Doing this will really give your body a good start and chance of losing weight. Master the three days is up begin your pills NO DETOX

⁉️⁉️ When do I detox again?
After the 3 days you won’t detox again for another 3-4 days. But this time you WILL TAKE THE PILLS WHILE DETOXING.
So pill in the morning as usual and detox at night for another 3 days :)
So for example if you detox on a Monday you will take it until WEDNESDAY And you won’t detox again until Saturday OR Sunday, again While you’re on the pills. The only time you take the detox alone with no pills is when you start or finish a bottle of diet pills :) detoxing frequently will help prevent your body from hitting a plateau plus it will constantly get rid of the toxins that we build up everyday ! Less toxins equals MORE WEIGHT LOSS!

24 tea bags

Do you need to detox your body?

1. You constantly feel fatigued, stressed and overwhelmed
2. You experience frequent headaches and/or lack of mental clarity
3. You often have skin breakouts and blemishes and/or a tiered, dull and lack-luster complexion
4. You seem to pick up colds, flus, bugs and viruses easily and are often on medication
5. Your digestion is troublesome, uncomfortable bloating and irregular
6. Your slip into making less-healthy food choices and often have fried foods, processed meat, dairy, gluten, processed foods, refined sugar or fast food
7. You frequently have coffee, alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise) or cigarettes

8. You are carrying excess body weight