Image of Time out! Detox Time! Have You stopped losing weight?

Time out! Detox Time! Have You stopped losing weight?


Losing weight is fun! UNTIL you STOP losing weight!
We ALL go through it! Sometimes our bodies get immune to the formulas and we stop losing weight! When this happens, instead of jump over from new pills to new pills, Its time for a ONE to TWO MONTH BREAK. Don't worry! Even though you're not on diet pills,
the meal replacement will help curb your appetite. You will NOT gain weight back if you follow this combo! Start Your day off with Our Aloe Detox! two shots in the morning and two shots at night! Also start your mornings right with one of our Meal Replacement shakes, They come in flavors, Strawberry,Vanilla,or chocolate. Add in frozen fruit or yogurt and almond milk and ice!
finish at night with a glass of mango tea!
Doing this for one to two months before switching or beginning again on the diet supplements, will help you lose weight again, as well as fully detox your body out!